Black Onyx Bracelet

Crystal Healing Properties:

Black Onyx helps absorb negative energy and helps you retain your own energy, which often can get drained from outside forces. Life throws us stressful situations and this stone is perfect for balancing stressful times on both the emotional level as well as the energetic levels since it keeps hold of it instead of letting it flow into other places especially under tense situations.
Since this stone helps in retaining your own energy it brings a balance to the emotions and also helps you think clearer and make the right decisions because you are at more balance with yourself.
This is a very grounding stone and will help you with focusing on your goals giving you strength and discipline enabling you to focus on what is needed for your success.
Lastly this stone will help you overcome any past lifetime issues or wounds that you might be dealing with in this lifetime, so a very protective and supportive stone indeed.


Small Chips
7" in circumference
Elastic band for stretch

From India


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