Raw Tektite


Raw Tektite

Sizes vary from around 1.75" long to around 1" wide

Tektite is formed do to meteorites crashing into the earth forming these powerful stones. They are linked with the extraterrestrial energies and are great stones for Starseeds and other sensitive people that wish to connect with the higher energies of our universe.

This is a good stone to raise vibrations and get closer to source through spiritual practice and it can help you achieve enlightenment and as all meteorites this stone will help you in the ascension process.

Tektite also helps you open up to your psychic abilities such as telepathy, lucid dreaming, and astral travel to name a few. This stone also helps repel all negative entities within your field simply sleep with it or carry it around with you. Its always good to link your energies with any crystal so it can better help you on your journey.

This stone helps you notice things within your life that are matching to what you are working on almost like a guide in the right direction increasing synchronicities and helping you bring things into manifestation easier…

Tektite is also a really good stone to work with for most spiritual people because most of us working on spirituality have the upper chakras in balance and we lack balance in our lower chakras. Well Tektite will help bring them into balance but it is not considered a grounding stone.


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