1" piece

This stone helps absorb energy and bubbles up emotion. It helps clear and activate all the chakras and is a stone of abundance, manifestation, balance and intention. The four chakras that they are mostly beneficial towards are the heart, thymus, throat and third eye.
This stone is a major transformational tool and is recommended in small doses because it will bring about things that are needed to be dealt with such as old repressed feelings, traumas and such, but ultimately the most beneficial to the individual in the long run.
Use Malachite on the third eye for clairvoyance and the heart to bubble up emotions and heal the heart and restore asthma and other repository issues, this stone is also associated with the throat chakra as well. Also useful for arthritis and injuries such as broken bones and sprained ankles or torn muscles, inflamed joints and this is a perfect stone when dealing with the flu as it helps heal the lungs.
Malachite is also wonderful to ward off all the electromagnetic energy, purifies all the negative energy, shields from all other pollutions.

Clear Malachite often and do not use salt while clearing it, as it will damage the stone. Best is to use intention through thought or sage.


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