A Healing Journey for the Mind, Body and Soul

Kistin Sigurdardottir is the Owner | Healer | Creator at New World Mystic 
New World Mystic was born in 2013, this is when Kistin had gone through many years of already needing to break into the spiritual / healing industry…

Kistin spent many years in school learning fashion design and merchandising yet during her undergrad she found that something was missing so with her dedicated self going for her masters in fashion design she decided to finally go for what she already held deep within from childhood but this time she would get a first time Certificate in Reiki Energy Healing, something she had been wanting to do since early teens.

Kistin has been very sensitive with energy ever since a child, she could go on a hiking trip with her family and one of her favorite things to do was to go rock hunting on the beach or in the mountains of Iceland and as she was doing this she would hold each stone and feel some vibrating so intensely that it made her even more curious wanting to feel and sense the world around her at a much deeper level.

Kistin grew up in a very spiritual household as her mom was fully open spiritually and could see and speak with spirit as well as do healing and channeling through automatic writings and such. Kistin’s mother is a true Lightworker and her family all are very open and connected with the spiritual realm.

Kistin has grown up using all her psychic sense and she fits very well into the energy healing field because she is a true empath and can sense how others feel, she uses her gifts to help understand others better and giving them a better healing by understanding what is being felt and facilitating the healing better with this understanding.

During Kistin’s sessions she often receives messages from the environment around her from other dimensions; guides, family members of both hers and/or the clients as well as the crystal devas which make amazing energy during the session. Kistin sees them dance around and create different patterns depending on her layout or the clients needs at the time.

Each session is different and shouldn’t be compared to another, we are all from the same place but we are also all different and so we must look at our healing journey on this earth through our own eyes not someone else’s.

It was through her process of learning Reiki Energy Healing Kistin found that she wanted to take it further and learn and intergrade crystal healing, this is where she feel deep in love with working with crystals on a daily basis, she now uses her crystals in her healing sessions, sells crystals and other healing products she creates. Kistin plans on making some healing apparel in the future but for now working in the industry is enough ☺ so now Kistin is focusing all her energies on creating amazing healing products for her clients and facilitating amazing energy healing sessions to better help you on your healing journey. 

For any questions or to schedule a healing session in person in downtown Kirkland, WA please visit the contact section of this page.

Kistin's Certifications and Schooling:
Usui Shiki Ryoho Level I
@ American Reiki Academy with Alexandra Juliani and Sasi Velupillai

Usui Reiki Level I - III Reiki Master (ART) & Master Teacher
Usui Reiki Ryoho Level I (Shoden) & Level II (Okuden)
& various spiritual development classes through Victoria's Energy Healer Apprenticeship
@ Reiki Wellbeing with Victoria Vives KhuongCrystal 

Reiki I - III 
Crystal Healer
@ Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy with Ashley Leavy

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