A Healing Journey for the Mind, Body and Soul

Hrefna 'Kistin' Sigurdardottir is the Owner, Healer and Creator at New World Mystic she was born and raised in Reykjavik Iceland until the age of 14, this is the time she moved in with her father in Seattle Washington. 
She as since then moved around quite a bit from the PNW to California, Florida and even back to Iceland from time to time.Currently Kistin is living in Seattle Washington where she is doing her healing practice and working by day as a Product Developer in the fashion industry.

Kistin spent many years in school learning fashion design and merchandising yet during her undergrad she found that something was missing so with her dedicated self going for her masters in fashion design she decided to finally go for what she already held deep within her heart from youth but this time she would get a first time Certificate in Reiki Energy Healing, something she had been wanting to do since a preteen.

Kistin has been very sensitive with energy ever since a child, she would go on hiking trips with her family in Iceland and one of her favorite things to do was to go rock hunting on the beach or on her walks over the mountains of Iceland. During these adventures she would hold each stone she found along the path and she would hold it in her hands and she would feel the vibrations of each stone some vibrating so intensely that it made her very curious, making her want to sense the world around her at a much deeper level.

Kistin grew up in a very spiritual home, her mother was fully open spiritually and would do healing, automatic writing and see and speak with spirit. So energy and the beyond was nothing abnormal in Kistin's world; crystals, tarot cards, incense and the like were one of the most favorite things of her mom's that she would dabble around with. 

Today Kistin has learned to read her own tarot and with her love or crystals and stones she has decided to sell crystals purely because she loves being around them and the fact that crystals raise our vibration to the level we all need to be to better self heal. And after diving into her own energy healing she has decided that it just fits, the energy healing with crystals and stones which is an ongoing study of love.

Now Kistin is a Reiki Master (Teacher) Healer and she is finishing her Crystal Healer Certification to add on the amazingness of it all, but she has been using crystal healing with Reiki from day one. Kistin senses with the crystals and she works with her guiding team and higher self to guide the healing with crystals so each healing will be different depending on the individual. This is a joy in her life, something that was born within her from day one, she just had to expand it further to do what she is her to do; healing and guiding others in all the ways she can.

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